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I’m glad I found Mad Consumer.  I’ve been mad at the YMCA for a few years.  I joined it because it was a good deal and offered a pool and workout facilities.  I use 3 different YMCA’s in the Washington, DC and Baltimre area.  There always seems to be something shabby that they do at all of them.  They have a snack bar, but its not even open half the time that the pool is open and they always run out of things.  They schedule swim lessons then change them and forget to tell people, the rosters are wrong, and they make mistakes in billing and charging my credit card.  They can’ keep track of my daughter’s swim lessons and billing.  and last week, the life guard had to go to the bathroom or something and just left the pool un-guarded!  Whenever I bother about complaining either in person or on the phone to the regional office, nobody seems to care or do anything about it.

Maybe you can do something to have them clean up their act. 


Martha P.

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  • Wonderfully said. They ripped me off too unauthorized charges on my credit card. Snack bar is NEVER open. This place sucks. I could get cheaper at another gym. They say they are christians but in reality just money hungry.

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